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Construct the optimized
line for “cold forging”
Obtain former , press and other equipment, and it makes possible for
various shape of products and to manufacture specific product.
Obtain the various part formers having
the ultimate operation performance
Obtain the various large parts former.Especially, 2 formers “PF-590” are available,
and its pressure is 1,100 ton and it is the best option in Korea.
Continuous development of
system and computerization
Application of ERP
and construction of POP system
Obtain various patents by
technique development
Apply for 43 patents related with automobile. Apply and acquisition of patents
and utility models related With home appliance, industrial application, etc.
Excellent development ability,
accumulatedtechnical know-how
through over 40 years.
Development of unique method for steering column parts. Innovative quality,
Productivity improvement and cost reduction.
Continuous development for seat belt parts, and secure the technical skills for
seat belt by localization and mass production.


company name     KOWOO Co., Ltd.
foundation     Oct. 1st 1967
total assets     324
address     40, SUMOGWON-RO, 88BEON-GIL,
tel     +82-31-373-4301
fax     +82-31-374-2021